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Florida's Business Rent Tax 


Florida is moving in the right direction again:

  • Nearly 1 million jobs have been created throughout the state (since December 2010),
  • Taxes have been cut more than 50 times (since December 2010), and
  • Florida has earned recognition as one of the state’s with the best tax climate (Chief Executive Magazine)

But one tax is still on the books that no other state charges, except Florida. It’s the business rent tax. 


What is the business rent tax and why should you care?

When small businesses, such as your local pet shop, restaurant or salon rent commercial space, Florida charges a 6 percent tax on their rent (If you want to help eliminate this tax, click here). 



Florida’s business rent tax reduces the ability of small businesses to create jobs and results in the owner making tough choices about offering better benefits, higher pay or even investing in the business itself. The business rent tax also increases the cost of doing business and results in you paying higher prices for goods and services (Click here to learn how you can help eliminate this tax).



Did you know: 2 out of every 3 jobs in Florida are created by a small business? The business rent tax generates $1.7 billion in revenue for the state of Florida. Small businesses believe, as Florida’s economy recovers and the state’s budget improves, the state can and should lessen the need to charge burdensome, job-killing taxes such as the business rent tax.



Small businesses contend the eventual elimination of the business rent tax will create jobs and pump millions of dollars back into local communities.


Groups Urging a Reduction in the Business Rent Tax:

  • Associated Builders and Contractors of Florida
  • Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) of Florida
  • Florida Chamber of Commerce
  • Florida Ports Council 
  • Florida Realtors
  • Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association
  • International Council of Shopping Centers
  • Manufacturers Association of Florida
  • NAIOP of Florida
  • Bay County Chamber of Commerce
  • Bonita Springs Chamber of Commerce
  • Citrus County Chamber of Commerce
  • Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Destin Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Flagler County Chamber of Commerce
  • Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce
  • Greater Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce
  • Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce
  • JAX Chamber
  • Lake Wales Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Lauderhill Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Manatee Chamber of Commerce
  • North Port Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce
  • Ocala-Marion County Chamber and Economic Partnership
  • Orlando, Inc.
  • Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber of Commerce
  • Upper Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce
  • Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce
  • West Orange Chamber of Commerce


***Click here to learn more about reducing the business rent tax***


Groups That Support Keeping the Tax the Same:

None listed, yet



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